Privacy Policy

Piyaliboutique.com is a service provided by Bluefinch commercial Pvt. Ltd. We ensure that various data collected from the user are protected and secured online.

User information and their usage

User can access our website to check out our products any number of times without providing any personal information. However, when user wants to purchase any of our products for the first time, then he/she can register or sign up by providing their personal details like name, postal address, contact numbers, gender and email id.

Further, we collect the user’s payment details or payment card details or account details when he/she proceeds to place an order. All the personal data collected from users including payment details will be saved in our servers. We use robust and standard technology to protect the user information in our servers. We use personal data only when it is required and access of those details will be limited to only the consent staffs of our company.

The personal and payment details provided by the user are used by us to process their order, track and find the status of the order and also may be used when the user orders for more products in future. This is done in order to make the entire process easier for the customer.

Users’ information to third Parties

We may share user name, postal address, contact numbers with the third party in order make the delivery of the product (for eg.courier)

However, we will not share our users’ personal details with any third party for their marketing purposes.


Cookies are a message given to a web browser by a web server. Web browser stores these cookies in the form of text files in the user’s computer hard drive. Our web server uses these cookies to get user’s IP address and saves it when the user visits our website for the first time and later recognizes that user whenever he/she visits our website subsequently. This is done only to save the user’s time when he/she wants to login to our website frequently. Please note that these cookies will not store any personal information of the user.

However, User can disable these cookies by changing his/her computer settings. But, by doing so, he/she might not be able to view or experience all the features of the website.


Piyali Boutique ensures that user’s personal details are protected against any misuse. It uses encryption method to save all the data collected and takes all required measures to protect them against unauthorized access.

Piyali Boutique might disclose users information if necessary due to any investigation or legal process.

Other uses

Piyali Boutique sends new arrivals details, latest deals, newsletters to the users registered email id or SMS alerts to the registered mobile numbers.

However, user can unsubscribe for these mails and SMS alerts by clicking on a link “Unsubscribe” in our website.

Once you register in our website, you agree to have read our privacy policy .If any dispute arises under this policy, it will be governed by the laws of India.

If you have any specific queries regarding privacy policy, please feel free to call us at ““+91 8050496837” or email us at support@piyaliboutique.com.

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